We are a research and advisory firm, providing analysis and insight into the most complex areas of business, leadership, and management thinking. In a competitive and rapidly evolving landscape, our services provide a unique and solutions-focused perspective on a complex world.

What We Offer

Research & Analysis

Research & Analysis: With a unique focus on small and middle-market firms, we specialize in translating complex information and data into actionable business and management insight.
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Business Advisory

Our business advisory services are an outgrowth of our research, which is focused on developing tangible solutions for business leaders and organizational managers.
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Tailored Content Creation

In addition to our branded and proprietary research packages, we also perform “white label” research customization packages on issues of specific interest to our client firms.
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Knowledge Management

Our Chief Knowledge Management system takes a virtual approach to streamlining, collating, and managing your company’s unique knowledge resources.
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As thought leaders and knowledge innovators, our research, analysis, and advisory services are focused on the following areas:

Small and Medium Enterprise (SME) Management

Corporate Sustainability

Technology and Small Business Management

Knowledge Management and Corporate Learning

 Entrepreneurship, Innovation, and Design Management

 Organizational Design, Leadership, and Training

Family Firm Planning & Corporate Governance for SMEs