We conduct original research and knowledge aggregation on a wide range of topics related to management, entrepreneurship, global business trends, economic development, leadership, and organizational issues. We specialize in the areas of small and medium enterprise (SME) management, corporate sustainability, social and corporate innovation+design, and the intersection of public policy and business leadership. Our research is premised on a foundational belief in the multidisciplinary nature of business and management. Premised on a systems approach to problem-solving, we believe that understanding current and future business trends requires appreciating the interrelationship of economic, social, and managerial forces.

Our firm performs general reporting and research in a wide variety of areas, in addition to custom-designed research and insight into a broad range of topics related to business management, leadership, and organizational innovation. Our research can be tailored to be presented either through our branded and proprietary packages, or via a content creation stream designed to reflect the unique branding and corporate culture of our clients.


Our business advisory services are an outgrowth of our research. As thought leaders in small and medium enterprise management, corporate sustainability, entrepreneurship, and organizational innovation and design, our research is focused on developing tangible solutions for business leaders and organizational managers. In addition to our custom-designed research and reporting, we specialize in the following business advisory services:

• SME strategic and long range planning
• Sustainability management and CSR for SME
• Organizational design for innovation and intrapreneurship
• Corporate training programs for sustainability, intrapreneurship, and innovation
• Small and medium enterprise market positioning
• Analysis of global business trends and economic forecasting
• Organizational and environmental risk analysis
• Business analysis and project planning for small and medium firms
• Sustainability oriented innovation as a business driver
• Innovation and universal design for firm growth and competitiveness

In addition to the areas above, our unique Chief Knowledge Officer program is an innovative and impactful system that helps clients leverage their most important asset: knowledge.

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